Alphée: accountable charter for consulting companies

  • Alphée: accountable charter for consulting companies

Covid-19 pandemic: under the aegis of Syntec Conseil, Alphée demonstrates its commitment and solidarity by signing the Charter of the Chief Executive Officer of Consulting Companies

In the unprecedented and exceptional circumstances that they are going through to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, virtually all the actors of the French society and economy are seeing their functioning disrupted and their activity drastically drop. Although their organizational agility allowed them to reconfigure immediately in the context of widespread containment to maintain a high level of service and availability to their customers, consulting companies are not spared this state of affairs.

Many contracts have been and will continue in the coming months to be reduced, denounced, suspended or postponed. Many customer projects are abandoned. Many services cannot be delivered in an exclusively remote mode. The flow of tenders and new orders has dried up, the detection of new opportunities will only be possible once the world is out of paralysis. This situation exposes consulting companies, like all economic actors, to the difficulties that lead the State to deploy multiple support measures: changes in labour law (relating to short-time work, taking leave and working time arrangements), financial aid, tax and legal deferrals, etc. The advisory sector is eligible for these measures, and like most sectors, its sustainability will necessarily require the use of the full range of available measures.

In this context, we, the directors of consulting companies signatory to this Charter, intend to ensure as much as possible the resilience of our activities, and to reaffirm both our solidarity and our responsibility towards our stakeholders. We make the following commitments, and call on all the actors of the council to make their best efforts to implement them.

100 member companies have committed themselves under the aegis of Syntec Conseil

By signing a charter for the Chief Executive Officer of Consulting Companies, they demonstrate their commitment to 6 fundamental issues:

  • Responsible use of support mechanisms
  • Sustainability of teams and maintenance of competence
  • Maintaining a dynamic of hiring
  • The contribution to the end of the crisis
  • Maintaining their social, societal and environmental commitments
  • Strengthening health means for return to work
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